freestyling life.

You were in my line of view/ everything was out of focus, I only saw you/ every word you spoke I held onto it like it was the first/ and deep into the night we would converse/ it seemed like you sang your words/ and every sentence was a scripture verse/ mesmerizing, strong, and articulate/ before long it got too late/ so I took a chance, didn’t want to wait./ I asked would you consider coming home with me tonight/ because it just feels right/ not only tonight, but maybe for the rest of my life/ and maybe one day my wife.

‎”success isn’t about how much money you make. it’s about the difference you make in other people’s lives”
"in their last moments, people show you who they really are"… that can be the same for a relationship. You really get to find out who someone is during the last days of your relationship and after it. Too bad we can’t really find out until the end.

When something goes wrong in a relationship, we always point the finger at others or only ourselves. It’s always you you you or me me me me. we forget that when it comes to relationship, it is usually always a two way street. No more you or me’s, it’s US.

a little love poem

my heart skip with your beat

every touch I feel the heat

even though in my life

things can get cold as ice

You’d have to excuse me

if your smile gives me weak knees

you see i was worried before

but with you, fear went out the door.

i never cared enough

played way too tough.

loved too reckless

and played too careful.

never thought happy endings were possible

now we aren’t experts 

and our lovewas not perfect.

the good times were magic

the bad times were tragic

but i didn’t mind the arguments

cuz i knew they weren’t permanent

we would shout and we would yell

but our connection never fell.

we got through the haters’ tests

because we bring out each other’s best.

we are in love but we didn’t fall in

because i never want you hurtin

time and people may change

and there will always pain

but no matter how far we began

i’d always fight to get lost in your arms again

chillin before work. bobbin my head to rick ross the boss. snappin back to 3 kings not a moment lost. my mind back in the game. levelin up while everyone stays the same. i can’t afford to lose. co-signed my failures to fate. always gotta pull through. accepted the consequences but let death take on the hate. no more tears no more fears. carrying on strong from here and on.

a little freestylin. inspired by Rick Ross. haha i’m so weird

We’ve all done it…

let ourselves be used by someone we’re falling in love with.

Instead of focusing on who I want to marry, maybe you should focus on your own marriage, so that you won’t be insecure when you see that I’m going to be happy in mine.

In your darkest hour you realize the importance of relationships. You find out that no matter what, blood runs deeper than the toxic green of dollar bills. You realize the profound love of a sister or the unwavering support of a friend. You realize that a phone call away is your laughter again. You realize that true friends and family are what wakes you up and keeps your heart beating. You realize that searching for love is useless but rather than to focus on the relationship with yourself and those that have been there from the beginning.


I still listen to our song and cry.

I still pretend that everything we had wasn’t a lie.

I hopelessly hold onto the chance of seeing you again

cuz i didn’t just lose a lover, i also lost a friend.

Music made us;

Love, sex, and lust.

So i fill my empty spaces

with lyrics and melodies;

from vinyls and empty CD cases

to videos and endless mp3s.

Without you,

i am a singer without a voice,

a rapper without a beat,

If i had the choice

our time together would be on repeat.

But these things aren’t you

they cannot replace your smile

they cannot replace your warmth

even if i try different genres and styles,

even if i turn up the amps.

i cannot forget you,

like a timeless song,

i’m still missing you.

unfinished poem

 why can’t i just tell you this? is this my fate with love? never hits just a bunch of misses. i’ve simply had enough.when my mind locked on to you. i knew right away what my eyes could not see. i sense something real. something true. i knew it was bold and solid. concrete. firing a pulse throughout my body. revitalizing my spirits. But i can’t tell you this because i’m afraid this might be a miss. and my heart quite frankly can’t take another hit.

Nothing beats the feeling of meeting someone new; who makes you smile and gives butterflies.


Don’t force change on yourself. The end product, well, will feel forced and inauthentic. Let change come to you and allow it to gradually evolve and envelop you.